ACThoughtful is transitioning operations to Concho Consulting

Over the last three years you stood by us as we grew over 80 micro-businesses

Our customers did some amazing things

Hired their first team members
Dropped to sub-40 work weeks
Did more of the work they love
Accelerated sales
Increased personal income
Worked with clients they like
Developed win-win partnerships
Launched new offerings
Starting getting passive income
Sold or exited their businesses profitably

And so did we

From 1 to 6 team members.
Standardizing how we get you results.
Tailoring the solution to you.
So we could keep your cost down and profits up.

One of those team members is Courtney Edwards, who led our Orchestration team and Operations.
She is now the co-founder of Concho Consulting.

You are in good hands.

Our Founder is shifting her focus

Building a path to life beyond your workaholic.

You can be a part of the research and join the movement
at Jenny Lynne LLC