What people are saying…

As a business owner I am pretty good at knowing where I want to go. I also know the steps I need to take to get there. The problem is, I get overwhelmed as I think about it all and end up doing very little. Since I’m a solopreneur I wear all the hats - CEO, CFO, CMO, COO - and the truth is, I’m not good at all of these roles. Jenny at ACThoughtful Consulting is a life saver! She takes the time to understand my business and walk me through my goals. As we do that she pulls out the details, many of which I wasn’t aware of. Now I have a plan with actionable goals. I have an on-call COO who will make sure to have time for me when I need it. If you’re looking for someone to help you with the details of your business you may not even see or know, ACThoughtul Consulting will over deliver!

— Josh (Founder and Business Owner)

I LOVE working with Jenny!! She has been very helpful in dissecting my marketing plan and where the ad dollars should be going. She has made it easy for me to make decisions for upcoming advertising. I strongly recommend that you have a chat with her.

— Pam (Franchisee & Business Owner)

Jenny’s expertise and tools have helped me organize, analyze, revise, and operationalize all the ideas I have jumping around in my head. The program is so brain-friendly - structure to capture and organize the parts and big picture dreaming, connection, and inspired impact to fuel and fill the structure.

— Kara (Founder & Business Owner) - Re: Gear Up for Growth Online Course

While I already sort of knew how to run a business after 20 years of wearing many hats at a small agency, I was pulled into so many directions and was winging most of it, just like we had done at the previous agency. Procrastination and doubts were always present. I know how to prioritize the work the clients hire me to do, but I didn’t know how to prioritize my own work. This course has helped me tremendously by bringing clarity to my personal and my business goals, along with the soft and hard tools to execute on them. I would greatly recommend it to anyone who is not 100% on top of things.

— Uta (Founder and Owner) - Re: Gear Up for Growth Online Course

ACThoughtful has been a life saver for our business! I cannot say enough about how amazing of a job Jenny is doing for us! Incredible dedication and passion in what she does!

— Lisa (Co-Founder, Partner and Head of Operations)