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Jenny Erickson is a founder like you who has navigated the transition from solopreneur to CEO while facing the reality that is life (and all its mess).

Jenny has taken decades of big business experience and simplified it to systems that give micro-businesses the edge they need to cut through the muck. She is high-energy, principled, direct, and loves pulling together strategy and details so people can go from why to how without skipping a beat.

Her life purpose is to make glorious mistakes and invite others to do the same.  If she isn’t out fulfilling her purpose, she’s out hiking, writing, drawing, reading, singing kareoke or raising her two teens as a single mom in Arizona.

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Jessica lives in sunny Arizona and brings a background focused in process improvement, supply chain,  finance, and research. What does that mean? She uses data to help make things run smoother with a focus on what matters most to achieving your goals. Jessica brings a sense of organization, focus, and step-by-step plans to everything she does and will bring that same focus to you as she builds your Idea Activation Plan and helps you shape your path. She runs at your pace, not her own, and will give you the space you need to make sure you have the clarity you need to be wildly successful in YOUR goals.

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Courtney brings calm chaos to the table. As a military spouse of 12+ years and mom of 3 rambunctious boys, she is constantly adapting to new needs. Flexibility and adaptation, especially in times of uncertainty, are traits Courtney exhibits daily, in both professional and personal settings. When faced with a problem, she faces it head on, breaking down what is going awry and how to best execute a solution. In free time, you will probably find Courtney at the ballpark or school event. People who know Courtney would describe her as caring, outgoing and nurturing. Leave the worry behind, Courtney is ready to orchestrate all of your business needs! 

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Ayla is dedicated to understanding the “why” and building on that knowledge. She is a military spouse and has 3 children, which means being able to adapt easily on the fly is a must. Ayla believes being diligent in really listening to the problem is key. Her favorite quote is “under promise and over deliver” – which is always her goal! In her free time you can find her spending time with her family whether it’s at a pool, beach, or some sort of sporting event. Ayla is ready to tackle any problem head on to take care of all your business needs!

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Kim finds fulfillment in organizing – whether it be a space or the puzzle pieces of an idea in one’s mind – and is passionate about bringing that skill to the table to help others succeed.  She is known for her reliability and follow through.  Her favorite motto is “work hard and be nice”, a simple concept she aims to live daily.  In her free time, you can catch her snuggled up reading a good book, or on an adventure with her young, energetic boys.  Kim is ready to brainstorm whatever you throw her way!

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