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Jenny Erickson - expert in Fractional COO
Jenny Erickson - Our Founder where she’s happiest — outside.

Jessica Fletcher

Jessica Fletcher

Courtney Edwards

Courtney Edwards

The idea of ACThoughtful started with one person. Jenny had a big idea: to give micro-business owners a better chance to beat the odds of making it as a business by removing some of the common (and expensive) barriers in their way.

Jenny is an expert generalist (according to herself) and a natural leader (according to people she’s worked with). She’s spent roughly 20 years working full time in a variety of roles from Supply Chain to Technology at companies like IBM, Thomson Reuters, and Cargill, as well as consulting with organizations on how to make their strategy real.

People she’s worked with have described her as highly energetic, principled, and framework-driven, blending details with strategy seamlessly.

Jenny gives it her all every day and is as warm as she is direct, flawed, and edgy. Her life purpose is to make glorious mistakes and invite others to do the same.

Are you ready to take a leap and get that kind of energy and transparency in your business?

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Jessica lives in sunny Arizona and brings a background focused in process improvement, supply chain,  finance, and research. What does that mean? She uses data to help make things run smoother with a focus on what matters most to achieving your goals. Jessica brings a sense of organization, focus, and step-by-step plans to everything she does and will bring that same focus to you. She will be your primary champion within the community, making sure you have the content, clarity, and group atmosphere you need to be wildly successful. Jessica hopes you’ll join her in creating clarity in your business!

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Courtney brings calm chaos to the table. As a military spouse of 12+ years and mom of 3 rambunctious boys, she is constantly adapting to new needs. Flexibility and adaptation, especially in times of uncertainty, are traits Courtney exhibits daily, in both professional and personal settings. When faced with a problem, she faces it head on, breaking down what is going awry and how to best execute a solution. In free time, you will probably find Courtney at the ballpark or school event. People who know Courtney would describe her as caring, outgoing and nurturing. Leave the worry behind, Courtney is ready to orchestrate all of your business needs! 

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