Strategic Planning

One Time Cost: $2,500

Knowing where you want to go

Are you feeling stuck trying to look at whether or not your idea is viable or your business will grow like you want it to? Sometimes you need to set the direction – then pressure test it.

In three deep-dive working sessions and some offline research; we will build a multi-year plan that you can use as a starting point to gain support of your ideas, assess performance, and iterate.

What problems does this solve?

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  • You know you want to grow, but aren’t sure what growth looks like
  • You have a new idea (service or product line) and not sure how it fits in with your current work
  • You need investment and need a solid plan to get there
  • Your team and investors aren’t clear on where you’re going – so everyone is going somewhere different

How does it work?

We’ll engage in 4 two-hour guided working sessions over the course of 1-2 months focused on your business, each one of these will result in a specific deliverable you can use to drive your business forward:

  • Session 1 – Direction & Current State: Get clear on what success looks like and what constraints that poses. Inventory viable options. Evaluate current performance.
  • Session 2 – Evaluate Options: We’ll use tools to evaluate the options and pick the best 1-2 to dive deep into. We will also set-up your pitch.
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  • Session 3 – Business Planning: We’ll set-up your 3-year financial plan together using a tool we agree on so you are the owner of your plan and can modify it as you learn more.
  • Session 4 – Milestone & Goal Planning: We’ll help you translate that long range plan into some key milestones and targets that are near term and practical; focusing on the next 90-days. We’ll put it in a tool we agree on.
  • In between, we’ll take into account information you already have:

    • Existing strategy, business plan and operating model if you have it

    • Your historical financial performance data focusing on the last three years

    • Tracking documents: How you manage and measure where you’re going

    • Marketing materials and website