Join Our Team

Our mission

Our burning platform is to change the odds that people go into business, stay in business, and create a sustainable impact on themselves and the world.

How we do it

We activate the ideas of micro-business owners through advice, coaching, operations orchestration, and fractional COO support — where no fraction is too small.  

Who we serve

Business owners up to $1M who have a mission they want to accomplish and want to make a living (and live life) while doing it.

What makes us different

We give just the advice needed. At just the right time.

  • 100% Remote: We have team members (contractors and employees) from Texas, to Arizona, to Alaska and Minnesota.  We believe that people should be able to live their best lives while working
  • Flexible Schedule: The people that thrive here are self-directed, proactive in their work work, and communicate well with others, understanding the ripple affects of flexibility on the clients and people around them.  They have a bleeding heart for people and value work that matters, but know what they need to be successful in work and in life.  You set your own schedule as long as you can be available during business hours in your client’s time zones for scheduled working sessions and are responsive to communications.  And if life happens or you want to lie on the beach on a Wednesday afternoon? We trust you to manage it in a way that honors your clients, colleagues, the business and yourself and loved ones.
  • Home and Work Integration: We believe that kids and pets and life bring something to our work and our work must serve them, so sometimes they join our calls with clients. And that’s ok.  We believe it adds a dose of humanity and connectivity for our customers.
How we show up

We hire and partner with people committed to these values.

 At the heart of entrepreneurship is innovation and calculated risk-taking. Our failures are just opportunities to learn and be transparent so our clients don’t have to stumble in the same ways we have.

 Our pricing is straightforward. People know what’s happening and how it affects them. We call in the calvary when needed. What we know can’t hurt us. We create an environment where no one is ever surprised.

We create the best version of our world when we build on each other’s innovations vs. hold them close to ourselves. If it’s OUR STORY to share — we will share it.

 When in doubt – we ground in our purpose vs. the task

 If we do it for our clients, we do it for ourselves first.

Available Positions

  • Orchestrator:  Help our clients get closer to their growth and simplification goals, one process, system, and delegated task at a time