What happens when your life collides with your business?

We’re real people. Humans. With real challenges. Have you had something happen in the last year that caused your business to skip a beat? Maybe it was minor. You had to pick up the kid from daycare because they got sick.

Maybe it wasn’t so minor. You had the death of a parent or loved one. Maybe you were down with pneumonia that took you out for weeks (spoken from experience).

I’m sitting in the airport as I queue this up, a business owner flying home for a wedding and a funeral. The irony and humanity don’t escape me.

But my business still needs to run. And so does yours. So how do we make sure that happens?

If you’re in this situation right now – Let’s get you out of it.

  • Take a deep breath – We’ll break it into bite-size pieces

  • What special projects and priorities can you defer or shed?

  • What can you outsource or delegate right now that has to happen, but it doesn’t have to be you?

  • What non-critical meetings can you let go of?

  • Ok — what’s left on the list must happen right now — can you make it happen?

  • Call someone

This is where my clients find an advisor extremely helpful. We often sort through these decisions live. Do you have a trusted advisor that can sort through the reality with you, challenge our conceptions, and help you keep your head above water? If you do — now is the time to call them. The situation can look a lot clearer through the eyes of someone who is not in the heat of the moment.

If you’re not in this situation yet – Are you ready for it?

We are strong and fragile human beings — capable of so much; however, we can be brought down by so little. Let’s make sure it doesn’t take you down because you’re stronger than it. You used the gift of your human foresight to get ahead of it. Good for you!

  • Have you delegated the things that keep the company running but don’t need you to run them?

  • Have you automated the little things that don’t need your energy right now so you can focus that energy where it matters the most?

  • Have you built enough cash reserves that if you need to slow down for a while or stop — you can?

  • Have you looked at where you (the business owner) are the only person who can do something mission-critical for your company? How can you start to create the systems and team around you, so it doesn’t have to be the case?

When I work with clients we built this plan, one component at a time, because it’s a critical part of growing and scaling a business without killing the owner.

Now is the time to set yourself up for not being in this position. What can you do this week to address the risk of you needing to be somewhere other than where your business needs you to be?

Jenny Erickson has a history in corporate america that is more of a mouthful of buzz words! She’s now fulfilling her destiny of helping America’s smallest businesses thrive by giving them access to simplified versions of the best resources she developed in her 2 decades as a Program Manager, Organization Design Consultant, Supply Chain professional, and jane-of-all-trades to make sense for the unique challenges of micro-business owners. Find out what she can do for your micro-business!

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