Idea Activation Session

You have the vision. But how do you make it happen?

You know your own market and company better than anyone.  But all of your visionary ideas don’t come in orderly packages.  They show up as flashes of insight, sketches and ideas that aren’t sequenced.  And typically, the list is longer than you can accomplish on any given day.

In order to make your visions happen — they need to turn into concrete plans you can take action on.  And you need to be able to quickly identify if those plans and working or not.

If the question you’re trying to answer is where do I start? Then these are the other questions you need to answer:

  1. Why does it matter? Your why informs the best path in any circumstance. Get that clear and the rest gets a lot easier
  2. What does success look like? You need to know what success looks like so you validate if your path is expected to get you there.
  3. What should you focus on? You have a few key projects that will make the difference.  And the steps you need to take on each.  These projects will have the most impact with the least amount of effort because you’re small and mighty with no time for fluff.
  4. How do you need to show up to make this happen? The business owner informs the path of the business, so we can’t underestimate how we need to change to make our growth happen.

In this one-hour session we will work through all these questions.

2 business days later you will get an integrated one-year roadmap to support your direction.

Plan Development Cost: $500 – Fee is waived if there is an intent to explore working together in a subscription capacity. It’s important to us that we have a chance to align on a plan before we get started to make sure the partnership and approach is right for you!

business planning documents

Imagine having your plan on paper

Two days after your session, you’ll get a two-page Idea Activation Plan that you can use to move your business forward. It’ll be practical and include you why, measurements, focus areas and a roadmap of actions for your upcoming year.

We’ll also look at the specific ways we could partner together to move your business forward.

The more you prepare, the more we'll accomplish

To get the most out of the session, we’ll ask you to:

  • Do a quick self-evaluation – where are you at?
  • Send us any work you’ve already done on your vision and goals that isn’t on your website
  • Come with any ideas you already have

The best relationships are built on a solid foundation

The plan is just a starting point. But the alignment we create by having a shared plan is one that gives you the best chance of being successful — and both of us a clear view on fit.  If it works for both of us, we can move forward!

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