Fractional COO Sevices

Rent-a-partner who can roll up their sleeves and generate high-impact ideas

Sometimes you need extra arms, legs, (and brains) but don’t have the resources or time to hire full time, line up multiple partners that can work across your business, or get people up to speed so they can be effective at moving your business forward.

We bridge the gap for you during your growth, bringing together generalist skills plus expertise firms to help you get the work done you need across all areas of your business.

What you really need is a fractional COO where no fraction is too small and a team of people that can grow with you.

  • $150 per hour when paired with an advisory subscription
  • $1,000 per month for hands-on execution support
  • $1,500 per month to add-in cross-team oversight for key work efforts
  • $2,000 per month to add-in driving your overall growth strategy, team development
  • People who just bought a business and need some help “shoring up” the behind-the-curtain work of running a business
  • Growing businesses that can’t keep up with the growth and know they need to focus on scaling
  • Established businesses who are ready to grow but need to determine what markets/services to expand in, and how to make it happen
  • The magic happens in the advisory sessions; because we are jointly partnering on your growth plan we know how to help
  • If we have a retainer together, we’ll agree on the “rules of the road” for what “gets done” vs. what needs to be discussed
  • If you are on the hourly plan – we’ll estimate the work and you get to decide whether or not to move forward
  • We bill actuals monthly but will never exceed our estimates without approval
  • Predictable expenses every month, even as our work goes up and down
  • We are accountable for driving the right work to maximize the value and stay within the retainer amount
  • With each level of retainer, our ownership level gets more comprehensive so we can meet your needs and budget at the same time
  • A retainer is a partnership where we pursue your growth together so fit with your fractional-COO is important
  • It’s also important that we are clear on how to partner, so we start with an advisory subscription and hourly fractional-COO first
  • Once we get clear on your needs we will propose the retainer (or options) that are right for you
  • You are playing a lot of roles and need to extend your capacity and skills to grow your organization
  • You need to bridge the gap until you can hire a leadership team member
  • You are looking for a neutral 3rd party to help you structure a winning team and business so you can grow or step away
  • You know it will take multiple partners to get the right job done at the right price and you want someone you trust to manage that
  • You’re not sure you can afford a new hire and need someone to help you figure that out and get work done in the meantime

We do a lot of things, but here are a few common activities we support or drive for our clients:

    • Marketing analysis – where are your best customers coming from and what actions are most likely to get you more of them?
    • Financial forecast models or business plan build-outs
    • Developing specific support for hiring, onboarding and training
    • Leadership 360 reviews for your team
    • Making sure you hire the right people in the right roles, and they are set-up to own outcomes and get results for your business
    • Independent evaluation of your business model and systems
    • Creation of business models
    • System set-up and migration
    • Leading a launch of a new service
    • Identifying leaks in your business and then closing the gaps
    • Developing dashboards to run your business better
    • Working through the details of a merger, acquisition or organizational change

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Fractional COO Benefits

If you’re still not sure if your small business could benefit from a Fractional COO service then consider the following benefits.   Fractional COOs don’t require a long-winded hiring process and since they have experience working with and servicing multiple industries, they will often bring fresh ideas and practices to the table.  As contracted consultants Fractional COO’s don’t require elaborate bonuses or co-ownerships in any business.  They are simply paid hourly.  Lastly, Fractional COO consultants are focused on their own obsolescence.  I know this sounds unusual but the goal of Fractional COO consulting is to help you build your business profitable enough so that you can hire one full time.

Learn More About Our Small Business Consulting and Fractional COO Services:

  • Business Advice – You have the vision and drive it takes to grow your business. No one will ever love it as much as you do. What were to happen if you could channel that drive to process alternatives, set a course, stay focused, and crunch your numbers? Imagine blending a coach to ask questions, with an advisor who can give you options, and someone who will roll-up their sleeves in a Zoom call with you and co-create the toolkits you need if you’re getting stuck on the “how”. Micro-business coach will do it all in a way that honors where you want to take your business so it’s on track to accomplishing your goals. The ripple affects? You will be poised to live a fulfilled life with work that is meaningful, spending the time you want to invest in the ways that are the most enjoyable for you, and makes the money you need. Our most driven customers often see progress in a few months by having a partner by their side on their journey, step-by-step.
  • Business Growth Community – If you’re a DIYer (we feel you!) our course and template library – picked for you to help you become a sharper business owner. Each course offers numerous lessons, plus you will get to work with our small business consultants, ask questions, and get more insights to the area you are learning about.