How to set your prices: The facts that matter

Your pricing strategy is about more than your self-worth. It’s a set of criteria and considerations that leads you to the center of the venn diagram, where perfect pricing comes alive for you. Here’s the 4 criteria, and how to use them to build a pricing strategy that gets you the results you’re looking for.


Use the Lean Canvas to triage your offer

Do you have the right offer? That means the best-suited solution — to solve a relevant problem — for a real customer — at a price they can afford? If you’re not sure we outline how to use the Lean Canvas (and our modified Go-to-Market Canvas) to triage your offer.


How to scale your sales and find your customers

You’ve decided that revenue needs to be your focus as you take the next step to scaling up. Awesome. But where do you start to get there? Whether its completely rethinking your solution — or learning how to avoid being left at the altar by a prospective customer, you’ll know your next step and have a slew of resources to help.