You’re in the early stages of building a micro-business

The first few years of starting your business are never easy. You’re often working crazy hours, pulled in a lot of directions, and needing to a lot of DIY while you build something sustainable.

You need a combination of resources, hands-on support, and advice to help you accelerate your ramp-up so you can get to a full time income and a sustainable business as quickly as possible without missing critical steps to set you up for what’s next. You don’t want to experience major setbacks right when you get to those mile markers you’ve set out. You also don’t want to over analyze and slow down your growth because you’re moving too slow. You’re looking for the middle ground.

You might not be ready for commitment because you’re not sure what the future holds. Our goal is to get you through the bootstrapping phase without any battle scars.

Here’s how we can help.

Price: $100 – $500 Monthly,
Who is it for: A micro-business owner looking to ramp up their business
What is the outcome: An actionable plan, a coach to guide your through it, a library of resources to build your toolkit, and a whole community to support you.
What we cover: Anything and Everything

What you get:

  • 1:1 personalized coaching sessions (weekly, monthly, or quarterly)
  • Unlimited Access to our entire library of micro-courses
  • Downloadable tools and worksheets constantly being updated based on real-world use from clients
  • Membership to an exclusive community of micro-business owners to crowdsource your every need.
  • Tailored advice on your business from from your coach via discussion boards

How to get started: Check out our Playmaker Package and get inspired!

Price: Classes start at $25
Who is it for: A DIY owner looking to grow, but not sure where to start
What is the outcome: A practical growth plan built for you – by you
What we cover: Everything.

Finance, HR, Marketing — all in the context of your why. We go wide on everything, deep on very little. The goal is for you to leave dangerous in every aspect of running your business so you can get clear on where you need to become an expert and where you can let go

What you get:

  • Lifetime access to a self-paced 8-week course
  • Downloadable tools and worksheets constantly being updated based on real-world use from clients
  • Tailored advice on your business from from a micro-business advisor via discussion boards

How to get started: Check out our course catalog. You can buy individual courses, or get access to them all plus 1 on 1 coaching sessions with one of our low-price bundles.

Price: $200 for a one hour session
Who is this for: You have a specific topic you’re wrestling to the ground and want to borrow another mind for an hour
What is the outcome: Specifics on how to move your idea forward
What we cover: The topic is your choice. You’re in the driver’s seat. But here are some popular topics we’ve covered:

  • Pricing packages
  • Filling the pipeline
  • How to structure work for hiring/outsourcing/expansion
  • Deciding on what new offerings to launch
  • The hit list to get to launch quickly
  • Prioritizing the gazillion things on your plate

What you get: A detailed (written) action plan you can follow.

How to get started: Pick your burning topic and Book now

Our Fractional COO services can be purchased by the hour for ad-hoc work you need to get through those early stages whether its building a sales forecast or analyzing your marketing data. If you book a session and we agree the work makes sense to take on, I’ll give you an estimate and we’ll bill you actuals, not to exceed the estimate. Our hourly rates range from $135 to $200 depending on your engagement with us.

Want some guidance on how to move forward? Book your virtual coffee now!